Default router password lookup

To login to your router's web interface you'll need the admin username and password. If your router is new or hasn't otherwise been modified, you can access it with the router defaults. We have the most comprehensive list of default credentials that you can find online. Just do a search below for your brand and model, and our tool will tell you what you need to know.

If the default username and password doesn't work?

If the default username and password doesn't work, it might be becuase of the following: - Your ISP has set the default credentials In this case you can check the sticker on the back of your device for hints about the password. You can also call your ISP to ask about this. If they don't have the device locked, you can try option b) - Someone has changed the default credentials If your or someone has changed the credentials and you can't figure them out, you can always reset the router to get it to the default values.

List of Default Usernames and Passwords

Most routers from the same manufacturer will use similar, if not exactly the same passwords. But there are also cases when the models vary quite a bit. We have a list default usernames and passwords for top brands.
–¨anufacturer Username Password
AirLink - admin
ASUS default credentials admin admin
Arris default credentials admin password
Aruba Networks default credentials admin admin
Belkin default credentials admin password
Cisco default credentials cisco cisco
D-Link default credentials admin -
Hitron default credentials cusadmin password
Huawei default credentials admin admin
Linksys default credentials - admin
MikroTik default credentials admin -
Netgear default credentials admin password
Netis default credentials guest guest
Ruckus Wireless default credentials super sp-admin
Sagemcom default credentials admin admin
SonicWALL default credentials admin password
TP-LINK default credentials admin admin
Technicolor default credentials admin password
Tenda default credentials admin admin
Ubee default credentials user user
Ubiquiti Networks default credentials ubnt ubnt
ZTE default credentials admin admin
ZyXEL default credentials admin 1234

How to reset any router or modem

If your router is acting up, or you have forgotten your password, you can reset it to get it back to the defaults. To perform a reset there are usually three ways it can be done:

Reset through the admin interface

If your router configuration is still working, and you know the admin password, you can use this option to reset the router. Prerequisites You have access to the network (Wifi or by cable). You know the ip address of the router How to find your router's ip You know the router password Default router passwords Once you have all things needed from the checklist we can continue to resetting the router. - Open a web browser of your choosing (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, ..) - Navigate to http://111.222.333.444 (replace with your routers IP address) - Login to your device with your credentials - Navigating to the reset page differs a bit from router to router, but see if you can find any of the following paths in the admin: o Settings > Administration > Factory Reset o Advanced > System > Restore o Advanced Settings > Restore Factory defaults o Administration > Restore/Save/Upload Settings o Administration > Factory defaults o System > Backup/Restore o Other similar paths. - Click the factory reset / restore option and confirm if needed - Wait for a while for the router to reboot. If you need more help on how to login check out the How to login to any router guide

Pressing the reset button

If you don't remember your password or your router configuration is not working, this is probably the way to go. - Locate the reset button The reset button is usually hidden inside a small hole, but sometimes also sticking out like a normal button. If you can't find any reset button it might also be that the routers WPS button acts as a reset button when pressed long enough.

Perform the reset sequence

The reset sequence for your router is as follows: - Ensure that the device is powered on - Press and hold the reset button for at least 7 seconds. - When the LED lights start flashing, let go of the reset button - Wait a minute or so for the LED lights to start lighting as usual.

Doing the 30-30-30 reset

This is more of a fallback option, and quite similar to Option 2 in that it will require physical access to the device. As the name implies, the 30-30-30 reset is about performing the reset sequence in 30s increments.

What is Network Address Translation (NAT)

Since many computers and devices can be connected to the internet through a modem at home, and there is a limited number of IPV4 addresses in the world, the modem or router will translate and route all the packets to the correct place. In practice this means that from an outside observer, every device from your network will share the same IP address, while inside the home network they will have different local IP addresses.